Web Hosting Unlimited Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred to and from a website within a specified time. It is commonly measured in gigabytes per month. A web server is connected to the Internet by fiber optic lines, cables, or other network lines. Since we live in a finite world, we can only transfer a limited amount of data using these network lines. In web hosting, unlimited bandwidth is offered by many providers. How can they offer unlimited bandwidth and still manage to keep their business profitable?

What unlimited bandwidth means for web hosts

Just Host and BlueHost are two highly recommended providers of web hosting. Unlimited bandwidth is a feature of their hosting plans. How can the plans still be affordable? It’s fairly simple. Web hosts know the exact threshold needed so that their servers can accommodate data transfer requests for all their hosted websites. They measure the maximum amount of data transferred to and from an average website per month.

For example, let’s say an average website consumes a bandwidth of 20GB or less per month. For safety, the web host allocates 50GB per month for each website. Thus, the web host will still have enough bandwidth for all the websites on its servers.

What unlimited bandwidth means for you

If you’re planning to buy web hosting, unlimited bandwidth is a great feature to have. Most websites will never reach the maximum bandwidth level. An affordable plan with unlimited bandwidth based on average data transfer values is a good choice, especially for small, medium, and beginning websites.

If you’re worried that your website will someday be hugely popular and exceed the maximum bandwidth level, find a web host that will easily let you upgrade your hosting plan. A web host like Just Host will make it incredibly easy for you to upgrade by taking care of the server transfers and other technical concerns. Again, remember that most websites will never reach the maximum bandwidth level. So if you ever have to upgrade or pay extra fees, it means your website has grown so much that you need a lot more bandwidth than the average website does.

Buy web hosting with unlimited bandwidth

Check out this page to see the best web hosts online. All of them have plans that offer unlimited bandwidth.

To make sure you don’t go over the maximum bandwidth, simply read your web host’s terms and conditions and ensure that your website doesn’t consume unnecessary server resources. For the latter, what you have to do is install all web applications properly; deactivate plug-ins you aren’t using; resize images before uploading them; make sure the code that executes on your server is optimized for speed and efficiency. It’s a good idea to get a good web developer to install applications correctly, as well as a good webmaster to make sure things are running smoothly on your web hosting. If you follow these tips, you can definitely enjoy using unlimited bandwidth without any worries.