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Custom Web Design vs. Website Templates

You want your website to reflect your brand, entice visitors, and make customers feel welcome. Appearances matter a great deal. Your web space’s visual appeal can make or break your success.

The two main options for web design are custom design and website templates. We’ll discuss both in this article.

Custom Web Design

Your first option is to hire a web design agency or professional to design and code a custom website for you. Make sure you’re working with a professional individual or firm, so that you’ll still be very involved in the process. You can expect to provide your own content, make strategic decisions, and generally collaborate with them on the website.

Website Templates

A website template is a pre-made website design you can buy and use. You can use a template directly, or customize it to meet special design needs. Since the same template is available to a lot of people, this option is more affordable.

There are thousands of website templates online. You can buy them directly from template shops. Also, some web space hosts, such as the ones on our recommended list, bundle website templates for free with their hosting plans.

Website Builders

We need to mention another option which combines website templates and custom design. Many web hosts include website builders free with hosting plans. This allows you to start from a template and customize your website design, all within your browser and without having to know how to code. Site builders allow you to build your web space one component at a time, making the entire process simpler.

Which One Is Right for You?

When choosing between custom web design or website templates, take these into consideration:


If you want a unique brand, then you have to invest in custom design. After all, anybody can use a template—and you may just go online one day and discover that a competitor is using the exact template you’ve chosen. With all the websites online, you really want yours to stand out from the crowd.

Nature of Business

It just so happens that most website templates available have a sleek and modern look and feel. Now, if you’re selling discounted computer parts, this is perfect. But if you’re a boutique selling vintage pieces, a modern look will detract from your brand image. Vintage necklaces just don’t look at home in the standard Web 2.0 web design style.

Website Size

In general, large sites are better suited to custom design, simply because you want to ensure that all sections and components work together according to your needs. Small sites can do just fine with a template.


Do your research and think of the considerations above when choosing between custom design and templates. Whatever you decide, make sure you choose a good web host that can meet all your web space needs.