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Website Extras You Might Need

Do you want to offer your visitors more than just a standard website? When choosing website extras, you need balance. You don’t want your visitors to find your website lacking. On the other hand, you don’t want to pay for features which will just sit around unused, costing you money without generating any traffic or revenues.

In this article, we’ll take a quick look at some of the most popular extra features you can add to your web space—and see which ones will benefit your site the most.


Blogs are one of the most popular extras available for your web space, and with good reason. There are many different types of sites which can benefit from a blog, including some which might surprise you.

A great example would be a restaurant website. Sure, you can create an absolutely gorgeous site, showing off your menus and featuring a dramatic slideshow of your dining room and outdoor patio area. However, visitors will be very intrigued by a blog written by the owner of the restaurant, detailing day-to-day operations in way that’s fun to read. The idea is to draw customers into your world, which will make them feel connected and entice them to come and taste this wonderful food they’ve been reading about.

If you feel that a blog might help your website, we encourage you to give it a try. This add-on is inexpensive and can really help boost sales and loyalty. A web host that offers Fantastico is a great choice for beginners. This helpful tool makes adding blogs a snap—often it can be done with a single click.

Flashing Graphics

Overall, flashing graphics look amateurish and make people think of a high school student’s social network page. Most small businesses should stick with tasteful, suitable graphics that don’t move or flash. Not only will a flashing or moving graphic cost you money that it will not recoup, but it might actually drive customers away from your web space.


Forums or message boards let your website visitors interact with each other. This can be a big boost in terms of keeping people on your site longer, and in making them feel connected to the site. However, not every site will draw customers who enjoy forum discussions.

Only you can decide this, since you know your business best. Sites which deal with social issues are ideal for forums. Ecommerce sites, in general, are not. A few customers may want to leave feedback, but there are many less-expensive ways for them to do that.

Unless you want to immediately spark ongoing conversations among your visitors, hold off on a forum until you’re certain that it will benefit your web space.

The Bottom Line

Research each extra feature carefully before you commit money to it. You can always grow your web space later, but in the beginning, it’s best to keep overhead costs low. Click here to see affordable and recommended web hosts that allow you to install blogs and forums for free.