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Web Server Space

Web servers are high-capacity computers that serve up websites and web content. Unlike regular home computers, they need to be up, running, and connected to the Internet 24/7 and require professional management. Web server space refers to the disk space on web servers.

There are two main categories of web server space: company-specific, and hosted.

Company-specific web server space

Company-specific web server space is provided by businesses in the web industry. As such, the company that runs the servers dictates how much space you can use and what you can use it for. Almost anyone who knows how to use the Internet is likely to be using this type of web server space. Some examples are:

  • Flickr lets you post photos and comment on other people’s photos.
  • DeviantArt lets you showcase your artwork.
  • YouTube lets you upload your own videos.
  • Gmail lets you use their web server space for your emails.

With company-specific web server space, you can only upload files within their infrastructure. Still, this has benefits that don’t come with regular old web hosting. For example, since these services have many users, there’s usually a thriving community involved. You can rate user-uploaded content, leave comments, and interact with the community. These services are also excellent for beginners who just want to blog, share files, or post media without having to deal with web hosting technology themselves.

Web server space through web hosting

This is a much freer type of web server space. You can upload the content you want, in the format you prefer, in whatever quantities you can afford—and you can present it however you wish. You can post text content, documents, images, audio video, code, applications—you name it. This type of web server space is ideal if you have a small business, since you want more control over your content. With this solution, you can design and build a website from scratch without the limitations of the usual services.

There are various types of web server space in this category. You can choose between Linux or Windows. You can also choose between free, shared, dedicated, or VPS. Whichever you choose, make sure that you select a good-quality web host. Your provider’s quality of service is the foundation for your website and can easily affect the success or failure of your business online. Visit this page for recommended web hosts.