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Free Web Space Providers

There are many web hosting services that offer free web space to store your files on their servers. If you’re looking for reliable free web space to build your website, there are a number of factors that you need to consider.

  • Advertisements. Some free hosts place pop-up ads on top of your site.
  • Disk space. They usually limit the disk space they give you to save on their own costs.
  • Bandwidth. This is the amount of data that visitors are allowed to use on your website every month. If your site gets more traffic than the bandwidth allows, your site will be down until the next month.
  • FTP support. Some hosts don’t allow you to upload your own files, so you have to create your website on the software they provide.
  • File restrictions. Some hosts restrict the file types and sizes of your uploads.
  • Reviews. Be sure to check out reviews from existing users so you’ll know exactly which free web hosts deliver as promised.

Here are five popular examples of free web hosts:

A free web host is a good option if you want to test your product’s market before investing more cash into your business. Also, if you’re going to publish a personal website, free might be more practical for your needs.

However, paid web hosting definitely offers better features than free web hosting. For example, here are some things you can get with paid hosts:

  • Larger web space
  • Higher bandwidth
  • More websites
  • More databases
  • More email accounts
  • Support for many scripting languages
  • No advertisements
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Customer support

Note that paid doesn’t mean expensive. You can actually find incredibly affordable web hosting if you know where to look. For example, JustHost has web hosting plans for as low as $3.25 a month. In the end, if you’re creating a website for your profession or small business, we recommend that you choose paid web hosting not only for superior technical features but also for peace of mind.