Tips for Buying a Web Domain

Buying a web domain is one of the first things you have to do when setting up your web space. Your domain name is your address on the Internet. Once you’ve registered it, it’s yours to use as you please.

Why Is a Web Domain So Important?

Your domain name isn’t just a web space address; it also tells the world what your site is all about. It identifies who you are and what you do. Your domain name affects how high your site will appear in search engine rankings, so choose the words carefully.

Your domain name also creates part of that all-important first impression. If a domain name is intriguing, potential visitors are more likely to click on to your site.

Since a domain is such a key part of your web space, it’s in your best interests to choose a reliable and established company to register it with.

For domain registration and web hosting, we recommend Just Host. This is a best buy because they offer free domain registration with web hosting plans.

If you want to register your web domain separately from your web hosting, we recommend GoDaddy. They’ve been offering affordable domains for many years.

Choosing a Great Web Domain

Here are three tips for choosing a domain name you can be happy with:

  • Blend creativity with clarity. Use creativity and flair when you create a domain name, but stick to the subject matter of your web space. As a beginner, your domain name should clearly indicate what visitors can expect at your site. An ideal domain name will contain the name of your organization, and somehow indicate the type of products or services you offer.
  • Make it memorable. Some visitors will need to type your domain name into their browser to get to your website. Make it easy for them by choosing a domain name that’s easy to spell and remember.
  • Optimize for search engines. If you can do so naturally, incorporate SEO keywords into your domain name. However, only do this if the final domain sounds professional and natural; don’t just string a bunch of words together.

Registering a domain name is one of the first steps toward your own web space, and one of the most important. Make it creative, make it memorable, and make it informative. When you decide on the name, register it right away to avoid having to start all over again. Following these simple steps will result in an attractive domain name that your visitors will remember.

How to Buy a Web Domain


If you would like to have your own website, you need two things: web hosting and domain registration. The basics of these are explained in the beginner’s guide to web space, so you may want to read that before you continue with this page.

Once you know the fundamental principles, you can start taking steps for domain acquisition. To buy a web domain is actually straightforward. It’s the process that leads up to it that may be a little complex. You need to take great care—after all, your domain name will form the foundation of your online presence. It’s recommended that you read this entire article before doing anything, so that you know all of your options beforehand. When you’re ready, just follow the steps in order. Good luck and have fun.

Come up with a good domain name

Here are some characteristics of a good domain name:

  • Short. Although you can have up to 63 characters in your domain name, there’s no reason to lengthen it. The shorter it is, the easier it will be for people to type and remember.
  • Relevant. Your domain name must be descriptive of your product, services, or identity. Try not to use acronyms. Don’t use names that have nothing to do with you or your business.
  • Memorable. Come up with something catchy and easy to remember. It’s best to have a domain name that’s also your website name. It’s surprising how many websites out there have a different domain and website name.
  • Avoid hyphens. People have a hard time remembering them, so they may type your domain name without hyphens and end up in the wrong website. They’re also difficult to share with others verbally.

There are two kinds of domain names:

  • Branded domain names are recommended for businesses or individuals. For example, John Smith, a freelance writer, wants to build a website to attract new clients. would be a good domain name.
  • Generic domain names are recommended for portals, resource websites, or niche websites. For example, John Smith wants to build a website to help other writers learn more about writing. would be a good domain name.

Set aside time to brainstorm for a domain name. A good domain name can take hours, days, or weeks to come to you. There are a lot of domain names that are already taken, so use your creative juices to come up with a unique one.

Check the domain name’s availability

To check whether the domain name is available, do a search at any domain registrar or web host. But before you do this, make sure you’re ready to buy your desired domain name. If it’s available when you check, buy it right away—or someone else might snap it up.

If it’s not available, don’t be surprised. A lot of good names are already taken. Here are your options:

Option 1: Buy it from the owner

Do a Whois lookup to get the domain owner’s contact information. Email them to ask whether they’re willing to sell the domain to you. Some people buy domains hoping to resell them and make a profit. In this case, expect to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the domain name’s value. On the other hand, if the owner has lost interest in the name, you could probably buy it for less.

Option 2: Choose a different top-level domain (TLD)

The domain name’s TLD is its extension. Com (.com) is the best choice for a business. But if it’s already taken, you may choose to get the .net or the .org version. Net would be better, since some people still associate Org with nonprofits.

A country-level TLD is also an option if your website focus is local to your country. If you run a catering service in the United Kingdom, for instance, a domain would be better than a .com. People who are searching for UK catering will immediately know, by looking at your domain name, that your company is local.

Option 3: Choose a different domain name

You could either come up with a completely different domain name, or edit your desired name somehow. The latter is simpler. If you have a café named Magnolia, and is taken, you could try instead.

For generic names, this will be easier. Just add a prefix or suffix to your desired name. For example, you wanted, but it was taken. You could try:


…and a lot of other variations.

Buy your web domain

Once you find an available domain name you like, buy it immediately to prevent others from beating you to it. Make sure you’ve got your payment method handy. Domain registrars usually accept credit cards and Paypal.

You have two options when buying your web domain.

Option 1: Buy web domain and hosting separately

Buy your web domain at an accredited domain name registrar. Go for an established and reputable company such as GoDaddy. Afterward, get your web hosting at a good web hosting provider such as Just Host.

It’s best to get your domain name before your web hosting, as web hosts usually ask for your domain name when you sign up.

Option 2: Buy web domain and hosting together

Most web hosts also do domain registration. Some web hosts even register domain names for free if you sign up for their web hosting. (As an example, Just Host offers a web-hosting-plus-domain package. They offer 1 or 3 free domains, depending on the plan you get.) This is a good idea for beginners, as it makes things much simpler.

Whether you buy your domain and hosting separately or together, it’s best to register the domain for as many years as you can. Not only can you get a discount; you also won’t have to deal with the inconvenience of having to renew every year.

Point your domain to your web hosting

You will have to do this step if you bought your domain and hosting separately. First, find out the name servers that your web host uses. These usually come in pairs, e.g., and You should find this in your web hosting account’s control panel; but if not, ask your customer support. Then, go to your domain registration control panel and edit the name servers. Input the addresses you got from your web host. Within 48 hours, the world will be able to access your website through your new domain.